Deciding To Get Into Webcam Modelling — And Other Snapshots

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I think there’s a misconception that people who work as content creators on cam model sites come from strained circumstances or aren’t neuro-typical in some way.

Perhaps that is a cultural thing specific to countries that have a history of being religious/conservative. Growing up in Hungary, in an agnostic family, I never faced any kind of judgement socially, sexual expression is considered quite normal and natural in Hungary, possibly because of the decades of Eastern bloc governance.

So it’s a little strange to me when I talk to people on cam and they have emotional reactions to promiscuity or sensuality, because that’s just not the value system I grew up with. I was always taught to be responsible and above-board, and have personal integrity in my relationships, but there was no taboo attached to being non-monogamous, or working in erotica.

A Cam Model’s Upbringing

I had a very normal childhood and was (and still am) extremely close to my family. I grew up in the kind of community where everybody knows everybody and I went to a school where I knew the families of all my classmates.

Growing up, I always felt like I was a little different from most of my friends because I was super nerdy and all I did was read books and paint. I was super introverted until my teens.

Although I’ve been getting less and less time to indulge my introverted side over the years, I still read anything that I can possibly get my hands on.
I’m also an avid dancer, learning pole dance. I try to hit the studio a couple times a week, and also have a pole at home for practice.

Deciding To Get Into Webcam Modelling

Why did I decide to get into webcam modelling? It was more than just a way to help me explore my sexuality. ..

I’ve painted for years, and the subject of many of my paintings feature the female body and anatomy. In a way, using photography and videography was a natural extension of my artistic inquiry.

What attracted me to webcamming was that I could do these things in a safe environment where I wouldn’t be taken advantage of. I’ve also always been an exhibitionist, and it a way camming was my solution to integrate my art and my exhibitionism.

My First Evening Live Streaming

I was pretty nervous on my first day on cam, of course. But after my first few weeks, it was almost as if the camera didn’t exist anymore, and I could feel that direct connection I have with my viewers and members.

And once that initial shyness passes, it’s a high, that exquisite natural high that an exhibitionist gets from being watched, and an artist gets from the act of creation. I love the challenges involved in being a cam model — I have to challenge myself to look better and put my best foot forward, to go that extra mile for my viewers.

Camming has allowed me to become this whole new woman who is more sensual, more powerful and more creative than I thought myself to be. Every evening I live stream allows me to it push my personality and my creativity to its furthest, and that’s the real emotional reward I get from camming.

This article was originally published on ALICE QUINE’S WEBSITE.

A camgirl from Budapest, Hungary, Alice Quine is easily recognizable on webcam model websites as a petite young woman with blonde locks, asure blue eyes, and an distinctive “girl-next-door” look and vibe.

Beginning her camming career in early 2020, her work as a cam model is known for its boudoir/glamour model aesthetic. Alice’s photos and erotic videos are identifiable by their skilful use of color and composition.

Alice Quine has also published written erotica, and her short stories, unique in their compelling, evocative imagery and restrained style, are available on her official camgirl website.

Alice Quine is a European model known for her online streaming performances on some of the best webcam model sites.