My First Camming Live Stream Show

Best known for her work as a boudoir model, cam girl and webcam model, Alice Quine is an independent model and visual artist.
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Getting Into Webcam Modelling

What many of my followers may not know, is that at one point in time, I actually considered being a mathematician. I’ve always been a closet nerd, and the logical clarity of mathematics was very appealing to me. But the more research I did, I realized that I wouldn’t be happy being a mathematician, because it didn’t nurture my emotional nature in a satisfactory way. I’ve always painted and been interested in art, so I wanted to get into a line of work where I could be creative as part of my work.

Like most young girls, a part of me always wondered how it would feel to get into modelling. Not necessarily webcam modelling, which is a more recent phenomenon…But just modelling. It sounded like it’d be fun and adventurous and a good way to express my sexual side. I never thought I would have ‘camgirl fans’, I still don’t think that I do. I think of them as my friends who like to watch me do what I enjoy doing.

Initial Experiences As A Camgirl

I remember my first live stream: I was definitely nervous, but I’ve always had a very adaptive personality so I can conform to camming situations very quickly. Like any other endeavor, it was a little nerve-wracking at first — but getting into it and getting to know the people that who watched my camming stream everyday definitely helped.

I was careful to take my time getting into it, I’m quite wary of the “start with a bang and end with a whimper” phenomenon that’s unfortunately common among cam models…I think that’s why the “churn rate” among cam girls is quite high: girls rush into the industry for the wrong reasons, and in a few months, they don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore.

One mindset that really helped me starting out was I just kept expectations low, and focused on just enjoying myself and getting to know my cam site subscribers and members. If I found myself tensing up, I would remind myself Okay, I love to dance, tease and just relax and chat, and making people smile makes me so happy…so I’m just going to have a good time with my members, and not worry about much else.

I guess I would call that attitude one of “going back to first principles” as one of my college professor keeps saying (although I’m pretty sure he’s not talking about being a camgirl). As a cam model, before you find empowerment in the work you do, before you take control of the live streams you’re in, you just have to allow yourself to let go, take it easy (like that old Eagles song) and enjoy the vibe of the moment.

Playing the kind of music I like helped a lot…when I first started camming, I had half-baked ideas of what kind of music “ought” to be played, thinking that it had to be “sensual” music, and other misconceptions. But I never quite warmed to some of the music I played, so I switched back to artists and songs I enjoy: mostly classic rock, 90s alternative, and recently: swing/bebop jazz.

Once I eased into being on camera live during my camming streams, it was such an amazing experience. I just knew that this was the right decision for me. What could be better than work that allows me to explore art, explore erotica, meet new people, and be at ease in front of the camera.

A part of me also loves the idea of bringing fantasies and skits to life. It makes me incredibly happy to keep performing and providing creative content for my subscribers. I love what I do and I always hope it shows.

At the end of the day, something I realized when I started camming that has stayed with me to this day is the fact that whatever you do that makes you happy in life isn’t a job .

So far, I’m proud of what I’ve done. I can’t wait to do more.

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A Streaming Site Member Testimonial…

As a longtime user of camming sites, I always make sure I let my favourite webcam models know exactly what I enjoy about them — — and you’re definitely in my list of best camgirls in 2021! You’re beautiful, intelligent, charming, and I’m in love with your look — — I’ve always had a weakness for the blond haired, blue-eyed, girl next door look, and you’re a perfect example!

Thank you for your liveshows, they’re a real treat, and I’m sure you’ll soon be one of the top new cam models on the best camming sites.